Inner Compass Group

F o r M e n

Establishing and Enhancing a Meditation Practice

Exploring Your Authentic Spirituality

and Integrating it into your Life and Relationships

The View From where we meet

The View From where we meet


Are You Interested in Developing or Strengthening a Spiritual Practice and

finding a way to fit it into Your Busy Modern Life?


Are you Interested in Uncovering the Extraordinary within your Everyday

Moment-to-Moment Experiences?

No Time to Travel to a Himalayan Monastery?

Take the Inner Journey


Join a new group of Men to explore

What is Possible for you?


This group will support you in aligning your life with what is more meaningful and connected—to yourself, your relationships, and perhaps to something greater.

Inviting men of all beliefs and backgrounds into a unique opportunity to explore with other men in a small group setting of 8-10 people, facilitated by a psychotherapist and certified meditation instructor (see below).

In addition to learning scientifically supported meditation techniques to begin or deepen a mindfulness practice which will help your well-being, stress management and focus, our work will help you successfully navigate the usual personal issues that arise on the path of establishing and deepening a meditative, contemplative or spiritual practice—addressing old problematic beliefs, difficult emotions and habit patterns. We will also address how your spiritual beliefs affect dating and work relationships.

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Our Meeting Space

Our Meeting Space

  • Defining Your Authentic Spirituality — inside or Outside of a Tradition

What has shaped your spiritual views thus far and what is the cutting edge of your exploration?


  • Finding the Extraordinary in Your Everyday life - Moment to Moment

Where are you already most deeply and meaningfully connected and how can you cultivate the experience of something greater amidst a busy life?  


  • Developing Your Spiritual Practice — Establishing or Strengthening a Practice

 Strategies for success and working through your barriers.


  • Courageously Making Changes to Integrate Your Spirituality into Your Daily Life

Identifying, working with and resolving the barriers which have held you back; and strengthening the supports which help you embrace and integrate your more actualized life.

  • How Your Beliefs Affect Your Relationships—Especially When There are Cross-Cultural Differences between Belief Systems?

How do you balance these differing beliefs in a cross-cultural relationship or friendship?


  • Working with Resistance — Liberating Yourself From Negative Inner Dialogue

We will work on freeing you from old beliefs, feelings and habit patterns that hold you back (i.e.: a sense of deficiency, shame, guilt, perfectionism and overwhelm.

If you've found yourself saying "I don't have time for this"

then this group is for you.

10 Tuesdays - 6:30p - 8:30p

Beginning January, 2019

Mill Valley Office

655 Redwood Highway

South Building, Suite 150

Mill Valley, CA 94941

Group Format - Fee - What’s Next?  

  • Short Guided meditation to enhance your mindfulness skills and help you open to your deeper calm, insight, and wisdom.

  • Brief Presentation by Scott of related topics

  • Tea Service Provided

  • Group discussion

  • Closing Practice

This is not a psychotherapy/support group focussed on the processing of emotions and interpersonal dynamics. This is a collaborative and psychoeducational group which focuses on developing group members’ thinking, meditation skills and their integration to inspire your insight and wisdom—and to empower change. If you’re interested in joining an on-going group, this group is a pre-requisite for what’s next, the on-going advanced-level Men’s Wisdom Circle starting in January.

Fee: $990. Register by 12/15 for a discount: $765

What’s Next?

The Inner Compass Group for Men is a pre-requisite for the ongoing advanced-level Men’s Wisdom Circle which will start mid-January as part of a long-term vision for an inspired community of men supporting one another’s self-discovery and transformation.

About  the  Facilitator


Scott has over 20 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist.  What sets him apart is that he is a committed meditator with many years of training, and has firsthand personal and clinical experience in the transpersonal realm and with transpersonal or spiritual psychotherapy.

Scott has been a meditator for over 35 years—initially in Zen, then in Vipassana at Spirit Rock. For the last 12 years, he has meditated and trained extensively in Tibetan Buddhism with its powerful methods of transformation. He is a Certified Community Dharma Leader at Sukhasiddhi Foundation and holds an MS in Clinical Psychology, a BA in International Business and is a Certified Executive Coach.

He is in full-time private practice with offices in Mill Valley and in the San Francisco Financial District, working with adults, adolescents and with groups.

Scott works with a diverse range of clients, with respect to ethnically, spiritually, and sexual orientation. Clients come into therapy bringing a wide variety of issues or simply wanting personal meditation and mindfulness training and help clearing away the barriers so that the deeper rewards open and blossom.